We back the quality of all of our products, and all ranges sold by Sunstoppers are original, branded eyewear from official manufacturers.
We are absolutely certain you will love your new sunglasses, however, we do understand that sometimes there may be exceptional circumstances to consider.

For this reason, we like to keep our returns policy simple:

• If the item that you have received is damaged or defective - please report this to us as soon as possible within the 7 (seven) day period following receipt so that we may assess. You may return glasses within 7 (seven) days, in perfect condition, if you realize they are not for you. After 7(seven) days of purchase, they may not be returned.
• Our sunglasses are covered by manufacturer warranties and we will repair or replace/refund any item that is defect within the warranty period from the date of purchase
• If you have changed your mind/ encounter any other non-manufacturing issue (within 7 days of purchase) and would like to return the item(s) purchased, we require that all returned items must be in their original packaging and in the condition in which it was received and purchased to receive a full refund. In this instance, the cost of returning your purchase to us is for your account. We recommend and can arrange for our in-house couriers to collect from you and can provide you with a quote for this. Or you can courier at your expense from Postnet to Postnet.  If you are exchanging glasses, the courier of the exchanged pair back to you is on your account.
• In instances where items are not returned to us in 100% resalable condition, we may withhold up to 20% of the product purchase value. This will be determined upon receipt of your return to us for assessment
• Any amounts to be refunded to you will be done so via EFT (bank deposit) on receipt of the returned goods. We will contact you for nominated bank details