It's a match: frame shape picker

Pick the perfect pair of sunglasses to best enhance your gorgeous facial features.

Heart-shaped face: if your forehead is wider than the rest of your face, narrowing towards your chin - your most flattering frame choice is a pair of glamorous cat-eyes or a soft, rounded frame.

Oval-shaped face: if you're a little longer in the lower-half of the face with a slightly rounded jaw, you have the perfect face for soft angular frames – cue the aviators!

Round face: if your face is long as it is wide with a rounded jawline, you can balance out your less-angular features with a pair of wide rectangular frames

Square-shaped: if your forehead, cheekbones and jaw are all of about equal width, combined with a strong jaw-line, you are likely square-face shaped.
Enhance your facial features with round or oval-shaped frames or a pair of timeless cat-eyes.

Oblong: if the lower half of your face is longer than the top half – this is your face shape. Best sunglasses shapes include anything that is over-sized or wrap-style.